Welcome to the website of la Confrérie de la Chaîne des Rôtisseurs de Nouvelle-Zélande! We hope that this site will help you to become better acquainted with our organisation, the reasons for its existence, and what we do to promote the appreciation and development of the “Culture of the Table”.

You can read about the more than 750-year history of the global organization of la Chaîne on the history page. In New Zealand, our history is somewhat shorter, having commenced with the establishment of the Auckland bailliage in September 1988 by a small group of dedicated gourmets. The Wellington bailliage followed soon thereafter, in November 1989, and then the Christchurch bailliage was formed in June 1990. Though the country is divided into three bailliages, there is considerable crossover in activities, and members are welcome at events in any bailliage, whether in New Zealand or in the more than 70 bailliages around the world.

We hope that you will find this website useful and informative, and hope that we can welcome you to share a meal around the table at our next event.

Ian Pharaoh